Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 1 P90X...Good and Bad

So, Last week I started P90X again. Here's a word of caution to those of you that have done P90X and are coming back to it after a long layoff or injury etc.


I made a vital mistake when I started this last week. I remembered my numbers from my previous workouts. Since I've done 2 rounds of P90X over the last year, I know what my body is capable of. Last fall, I started with a 3 pull up max, and 4-5 months later I was at 18.

So, what did I do wrong this time? I remembered some of the numbers I've hit before. I pushed myself way too hard for essentially starting from scratch. Chest and Back went pretty well. I pushed myself for extra reps here and there. I went into Plyo on Day 2, no issues. My arms were a bit sore. However, on Day 3, my arms were on fire. The tendons around my elbows were throbbing constantly. I never experienced this kind of pain during my previous experiences with P90X.

There's a fine line between working hard and feeling the burn and being injured. I think I was pushing myself past that line. The pain in my elbow joints was terrible. I was choking down Advil just to get through the day on the weekend. So, I did some light cardio.

I'm starting P90X over again this Wednesday. I'm going to hold back a bit here and there. While my mind is strong enough to push through, right now my mind is further along than my body is ready for.

So, there's some of the new challenges of getting back into a workout program as tough as P90X after an extended absence. I'm not saying one should dog it and hold back, but listen to your body. Know the difference between post workout soreness, and "that doesn't feel right."

Take care and Bring It!