Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Adding Goals

So, I was watching "The Biggest Loser" from last Wednesday night. It was essentially a "where are they now" episode catching up with past contestants. Good episode and it shows the importance of finding balance and learning how to live healthy for life.

One segment was with a guy who recently competed the Ironman Triathalon in Kona, Hawaii. While he didn't finish in the required 17 hours to be considered an official finisher, he finished 3 minutes after the cut-off time, he still finished. Watching this had me extremely motivated. Here's a guy who still was a "big guy." He didn't look anything like the rest of the competitors. But, he started the race, and finished it.

It got me thinking. I turn 30 in another couple weeks. In the back of my mind I've thought that I should run a marathon "some day." Well, I'm only getting older, and if I don't go through with it soon, I'll probably never get around to it.

So, I'm officially announcing my goal of running the 2010 Chicago Marathon. I'll need to work back into running shape and build a base up. My goal is to be running 30-35 miles a week by late spring of 2010, then start training for the Marathon in June of next year.

Keep checking back here for updates on how I'm doing.