Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pure Cardio / Cardio Abs

I did this workout last week alone because John had to go to a meeting. He worked out early and I worked out late. Yesterday we did the workout together and I couldn't believe the amount of sweat that was dripping off of us. Are the workouts getting harder or am I working harder to get a better workout?

Until John pointed out the fact that the Pure Cardio part of Pure Cardio lasts fifteen minutes, I just looked at it as a workout with a warm-up, stretch, workout and stretch. Did you realize this? There are fifteen workouts, one minute each. I guess my goal during the workout is to do as much as possible with my eyes closed and just listen to Shaun T. I like when he gives you the seconds left so that you feel like you just HAVE to get those last 3, 5, 10 reps in! The only problem with that is when he turns to a member of his team and says "take a break" and all the sudden I realize I have stopped doing my reps. I have to remind myself that he is not actually talking to me.

I know John wrote a post about how motivating he is, but I just want to reiterate that I completely agree. If I had an entire gym to workout in and knew that I could do my workout without stepping/tripping on a ________ (insert cat, chair, kitchen island, dog, etc. here) during the workout then I would do the workout with my eyes closed so that I wouldn't keep glancing up at the clock and the workout session to see when the next break is!

When that was over we still had Cardio Abs to do. We were feeling pretty good after the Pure Cardio cool down and stretch, but now we were going to work the snot out of our core. I don't love the ab workout like I love Turbo Jam: Ab Jam, but I do enjoy that you do jumps and other original (to me anyway) moves that work the core. The C-sits are killer the further you get and by the time we had made it to the high and low plank alternate knees, our arms were totally giving out. I think I could have worked my abs more than I did if I didn't have to steady myself on my jello arms after they had completed the Level 2 Drills, 8 Push ups and Push up Jacks in the Pure Cardio workout.

All in all, it was a tough workout, but we got through it. It felt good after and as I have noticed so far with INSANITY, no matter how hard I push during...I always wish I had pushed harder after!



  1. That is a great review Monica! I can't wait until I have those 2 to do. As of now, it's just Pure Cardio by itself for me (I'm only in week 2). But dang, it's the hardest thing I've ever done for sure! I can't wait to see ya'lls results!! :)

  2. I am so scared for Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs which I start in 3 days! I agree which you that at the end I always wish I pushed harder. What an AMAZING workout; I can already see results!