Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 3, Shoulders and Arms

This is going to be a tough week for me for 2 reasons. 
  1. I'm starting P90X this week after a long layoff.
  2. This is one of the weeks every so often that I need to cover the office at my job.
See, we have a real small office.  My companies HQ is in Rockford, but I work out of our Chicago sales office.  Due to the economy, streamlining etc, we only have 4 people in the office.  As our main office administrator needs to be in training for the week, I am filling in for her.  Now, I'm in sales and normally only in the office one or two days a week. So, a 55 mile one way trip into my office sucks, but is manageable when I only have to do it once a week.

When it becomes a 5-day a week trip, its stressful.  But here's what I'm thinking.  If I can manage to get a full week of P90X in without any missed workouts this week, then how much easier will it be in later weeks when I don't have the challenges of a 3 hour commute each day.

Last night, I got home, and went straight into shoulders and arms.  I'm not using the same weight that I used to.  But, I picked slightly lighter weight then previous runs of P90X and focused on quality form throughout.

Ab Ripper X still sucks.  I "presently struggle with" most of the exercises.  I have a weak lower back and long legs.  Moves like "fifer scissors" absolutely tear me up.  I have terrible form, can't get full vertical extension with my legs, and can't even keep up.  I'll definitely improve, but this move has always been my weak spot.

Diet yesterday was good.  Monica and I signed up for a grocery shopping and meal planning service called e-Mealz.  It's a great service.  Not only can you save money on food for your family by having a thoughtful planning list for your both your meals and shopping list, you can get healthy too.  We are currently enrolled in their "Wal-Mart Low Carb meal plan for 2."  This provides us a shopping list and meal planning for the entire week.  We're saving money and have good, quality low carb meal choices to choose from.  Last night's dinner was a cream cheese egg dish.  It tasted great. 

Well, that's all for now.  Back to work.  Yoga X tonight. 


  1. Concerning the Fifer Scissors: I also struggle big time with them. I brought this up to my physical therapist (who also is well versed in P90X) and she said that happens because of very tight hamstrings. I have lots of muscle issues in my lower legs but she said a normal person will struggle with this if they don't really stretch their hamstrings out prior to that exercise. So its worth a shot.

  2. Yeah Ben, the only way I can put together any of the fifer scissors is to literally put my hands under my butt/hips. It helps take the pressure off my lower back this way. My hamstrings are probably real tight too...who knows.

  3. When I first did AB ripper X, I thought it was so easy, but the next time I did it, I realized I was doing all the moves incorrectly, for instance with the fifer scissors I use to put my legs on the ground. Would also have to check out e-mealz. Thanks

  4. nice, really helped me a lot with this one!