Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do you need a coach?

Hey everyone. Great to get some good feedback from you through email lately. Thanks to those of you that reach out to me with questions and comments. Also, to whoever actually purchased two of my shirt designs yesterday, another big thanks. That was pretty cool!!

I get this question occasionally. People will have registered at the Team Beachbody website, or become a club member, and never hear from their assigned coach. Let me explain a bit of what is going on. As a coach, I get customers assigned to me now and then. The vast majority are restricted, meaning that Beachbody provides me the name of the customer, but no contact information. So, if Joe Sixpack signs up as a club member, he may have me assigned as his coach. However, if he doesn't want his email to be shared with me, I have no way of reaching out and contacting him.

So, for those of you that want to hear from your assigned coach, make sure to opt in for emails.

However, if you want a specific coach, you can get a new coach assigned to you. I don't want to "take you away" from another coach if you've been working with them. However, if you were assigned to a random coach, and want a new one, send me an email and I'd love to help you on your fitness journey.

On a side note, I'm absolutely loving the Push Phase of ChaLEAN Extreme. Its really forcing me to push my limits and lift heavier than I have in a while. I'm loving the challenge.

Take care my friends, push play, and remember;

Hope is not an action plan.


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  1. Thank you John for answering a question I've had for over a year. So you CAN switch coaches! I got "assigned" a coach when I bought P90X way back when..he was great for about a month...and then he dropped off the face of the earth it seemed. I haven't heard from him in almost a year. When I signed up to become a coach myself, I was able to make a switch...but before that I had always wondered if there was a way to get a new coach. I have also been asked that by some of my friends now that I am coaching...if they can switch to that's good to know. Having a active and helpful coach is a HUGE asset in these programs. It's such a relief to have someone who's "been there and done that" to ask all your questions to. Especially at the very beginning when I was freaking out about the nutrition guide and how I was going to find SWORDFISH to cook for dinner...I e-mailed my coach with my questions and he sent me back a WEALTH of information that honestly got me through those first couple of weeks of adjusting to a new eating lifestyle. I second your post--if you don't have a coach helping you or if your coach isn't being a help--definitely consider switching. :)
    Have a great day!