Thursday, January 7, 2010

LoseIt App for iPhone. I love it!

I downloaded the LoseIt app for the iPhone last year. Its a great tool. However, through the recent updates, its been made absolutely great.

To give a quick overview, LoseIt tracks your calories in and exercise. When you download the app, you'll first want to set up your profile. That will include your age, height, weight and your fitness goal. I put in my current weight of 207 lbs and my goal weight of 188. I wanted to lose 1.5 lbs a week (a bit aggressive) and it gave me a daily calorie budget of 2112 calories.

Now, you can easily enter every meal. You can even create some of your custom foods. For example; last night I made stuffed green peppers. Monica carefully calculated all the ingredients calorie counts and came up with 252 calories per stuffed pepper. I found in the app a frozen dinner version of a stuffed green pepper and put it at 1 3/4 servings to indicate the same 510 calories I took in by eating 2 of the peppers. (They were damn good, I'll share the recipe later.)

The cool part of the app is the "Friends" section. If you have a spouse or workout partner you are using to keep you accountable, you can set them up as your "Friend." Then you can peek in on them and see if they're using the app. If they don't log in their intake for over a day the app shows them with a red icon under their name. This can help you check in on your friends to keep them accountable and vice versa.

Lastly you can input your exercise. The estimates are a little on the low side. However if you have a heart rate monitor or body bugg you can go in and enter custom exercise numbers. Its a great app.

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