Monday, February 15, 2010

Why P90X doesn't work.

P90x doesn't work! It's just glitzy glam marketing and a waste of your money. You can spend your money on P90X, but you won't get in shape, you won't get leaner. Here's why:

  • You can buy the DVDs, but, then you have to do the workouts.
  • You actually have to follow a diet plan. They have a crazy theory that you need to burn more calories than you take in.
  • They actually expect you to workout 6 or more days a week. Who has time for that?
  • Tony Horton wants you to work out over an hour a day. Again, haven't you heard of 8-minute abs?
Obviously this is satire. I don't think P90X is a gimmick. I've seen it work for far too many friends and customers to think otherwise. I was reminded of this today when discussing the program with a customer. He said, "So and so has been doing P90X and has had good results." I thought, "Of course he has, anyone who actually follows the program has great results. It's the folks who 'modify' the program or only do it one or two days a week that don't succeed."

As a Beachbody coach, I've had lots of customers purchase P90X. Usually I can tell right away if a person is going to have success with the program. Some people buy P90X, but right off the bat tell me how they are going to modify the program. This is warning sign number 1 that this person isn't going to a.) complete the program, or b.) have much success.

Tony Horton didn't just haphazardly put the program together. All the routines are designed and scheduled to flow into one another. For example, just when you're dying of soreness from 2 tough upper body workouts in 3 days, the next day is a "relaxing" yoga day that challenges your muscles, while stretching them. Just what your body needed. Some folks think Kenpo X is too easy, but its designed to get your heart rate in the fat burning zone, not to get your heart racing.

My advice to anyone that is thinking about buying P90X is to only purchase it if you're committed to following the program to the best of your ability. This means committing to the schedule, the diet, the intensity etc. Now, no one is perfect. Everyone has to modify at times. There are days when I've been crunched for time and knew that doing half of Chest and Back is better than none of Chest and Back. These things happen.


  1. I disagree. P90X works for me but I don't follow it regiously. That being said, it has taken me 3 years to go get to know my body and to develop the discipline to stick to a fitness routine that continuously challenges me.

  2. I started the program because I want to tone. I haven't been doing the diet because I don't need to lose weight. What kind of results can I expect?

  3. I just started the program today. I'm a former kick boxer who has simply just fallen out of shape and out of the healthy mindset. But I'm back in action. I need to get fit again. I'm disappointed that I couldn't keep up as much as I would like to, but I showed up and did as much as I could with good form. It'll get better.

  4. Im looking into P90X and was hoping to find some dirt on it. This is the one site I found and I busted up when I saw it was a joke. Thanks so much for the info its greatly appreciated. You just bought me P90X. Thanks again.

  5. Daniel, that's awesome. If you want, you can purchase it through me by going to

  6. I'm 26 years old and just hit one of those stages that older guys have told was sure to come when they make statements are you won't be thin forever. I ballooned up from 155 to 205 and not a good 205 due to various reasons. I am seriously considering doing P90X just for the sake of becoming a healthier person (something that has eluded me for awhile), while I can't wait to take it on, I am worried that because I'm such a picky eater I won't be able to stick to the diet plan. I see your a beach body coach and I'm not too sure what that is but you seem t have very good insights about the program. I wonder if you could email me some tips about the diet plan and such things?

  7. I think modifying it is important. If you don'tmodify it, some people will get disouraged and quit. The important thing is still to make it a goal NOT to need to modify it.

    I injured my knee 2 summers ago. When I started p90x, the first day I did plyo, my knee was in pain, and I couldn't even get my heart rate up to where I needed in order to take advantage of the routine. I swapped it for the Cardio X for my first round. Now that I've been working and building muscle in my leg, my knee is far more stable and I can do the plyo now. And I can do it, because I modified the program to suit my needs.

    You are right in that modifying it won't get you the best results, but you'll get better results from modifying than you will from quitting because it's too hard.