Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Fitness Goals

I've been doing CrossFit for a bit over 90 days now and have seen some great gains.  But, without goals, one can just wander, going with the flow but never setting their sights on an objective.  To ensure that I have specific goals for this year, I want to take a few minutes and highlight my fitness goals for 2012.

  • Row cumulative 250,000 meters for the year (This would average about one 5K row a week)
  • Deadlift 460 lbs (my current max is at 400 lbs)
  • Run 10 miles continuously (I have an 8-9 mile Spartan Race in late October and need to train to increase my endurance for this event.  Will probably start running more for mileage in the late spring and summer to prepare)
  • 21 pull ups, (right now I'm at about 9 unbroken pull ups.  I want to get to 21 unbroken by June 1st.)  Will be starting a program doing 5 sets of pull ups Monday through Friday gradually increasing week by week to reach my goal.
  • Complete "Murph" (google it) at least twice. Want to do it RXd so need to get previous goal of increasing pull ups in the works.
  • Get to under 11% body fat by May 1st.  Right now I'm at about 18-19%, was around 24% in September before joining Reckless CrossFit.  This will require a laser like focus on my diet.
  • Complete the Air Force Academy PFT once every 2 months.  Probably will do this on an Open Gym day on the weekends.  My goal is to break a 400 point score on the test by September. (My highest score as a cadet was about 350.)
So that's a start.  More to follow and I'll be back here updating my progress as I complete these goals.


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