Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evolutionary Eating

The one thing I can be certain of is that human beings as a species have passed the point of physical evolution.  You may not see this in a science textbook, but I have a simple hypothesis and one that ultimately may be a bit controversial.

As a species, we have reached a point in our intellectual development to where we are adversely affecting our evolution.  I joke that my wife is blind as a bat.  Ten thousand years ago a human with her vision would have walked right in front of a saber tooth tiger and been taken out of the gene pool.  But with modern science and optometry, she is able to trick me into thinking she has perfect vision (contact lenses) and now we have a chance at having another kid with bad vision.

Now before I go too far, please realize that I'm not making any moral judgements here or supporting eugenics.  I'm essentially stating that as we learn more and more about medicine and science and are able to keep people alive longer, our physical evolution as a species has stopped, and our intellectual capacity is taking over.  This graphic above almost illustrates that point.

No longer is survival dependent on physical strength and superior hunting skills.  Mastery of intellectual skills is more desired and rewarded.  So, there are some of us that wish to "throw back the clock."  As our  intellectual capabilities have drastically improved, our genetics haven't.  We now have abundant food sources and instead of working for days to find our next meal, we can find thousands of calories in minutes and not even have to leave the comfort of our cars to do so.

So this is where Paleo/Primal eating comes into play.  By eating like our caveman ancestors did, we can hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls of modern life.

I struggle with paleo eating.  I shoot for the 80%.  Today I did pretty well, but I did have one big piece of wheat bread with lunch.  The problem I always have is a lack of planning.  I can find some pretty decent options out there, but my downfall is my lunch meals.  I have to be more disciplined on how I eat.

I just cam across this video.

Check out this doctor's speech.  Very powerful.

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