Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. Thomas, USVI

I'm waiting patiently for Monica to buy some jewlery in a shop and
figured I'd uplidd a photo.

Doing well on vacation. We've done 2 yoga classes. I've done a
shoulders and arms workout from memory (even ab ripper x).

Monica and I walked 9 laps of the ship this morning which is a bit
over 3 miles. We've easily walked another 2 miles plus around St Thomas.

Diet has been spotty, but I'm on vacation.

Take care.


PS. I love the iPhone. Have 3G AT&T network in the middle of the


  1. Did you do your yoga with that hat on? Just wondering...

  2. Yeah - I'm with Gregart. Did you? Cuz I think there's like some kind of punishment if you did.

    Hell - punishment for just wearing the thing! :)