Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crappy Workout!

From John:

First off I'd like to congratulate Demi Bean for becoming a P90X graduate.  She is also a Beachbody coach and has shown amazing results.  Great job Girl!

I just finished up today's workout.  It was a really hectic day.  Monica and I went to the range to meet my brother.  I got to try out my newest handgun, a Springfield XDM .40.  The gun shot great.  Monica and I both got to mess around at the range and Monica took some time and looked for her own gun.  Who'd have thought I'd marry a girl that wants a Glock?  After that we hit up Subway, split our usual Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sub and did our  grocery shopping.  

When we finished up our shopping at two stores and got home, we had to slap another coat of paint in the kitchen.  I took a quick nap, then woke up to do my Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout.  The first half of the workout went great, then I just started to "bonk" in the 2nd half.  My reps and weights couldn't keep up with the week before.  I think the problem is that I didn't eat that much today and just didn't have the fuel in my body to keep going.  

But, you have workouts like that now and then.  I know I pushed myself, I got to the failure point on every single set.  But sometimes you just don't have it that day.  You can't dwell on these days.  Just simply write your notes down, talk about what you think the problem was, and focus on the next day's workout.  As Tony Horton says, "Just do your best and forget the rest."

Now, time to go to a surprise party for a neighbor.  Should be fun.  I'm bringing my MGD 64.  

Keep pushing play!


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  1. Thanks John for the shout out! This has been amazing, and I have already ordered the "plus" (as I'm sure you know, lol) so I'm super excited about that. Again, thanks so much for all you do!