Sunday, March 15, 2009

Need help!

From John:

I have a confession to make.  I've been skipping Ab Ripper X.

It all started about 10 weeks ago before I went on vacation.  I started separating Ab Ripper X from my workouts.  I found I could do a lot better on Ab Ripper if I had some rest time between Ab Ripper and my main workout.  Its so much easier to to Ab Ripper well when you've had some rest.

I got in a habit of doing Ab Ripper later in the evening after my workout.  Or I'd do it early the next morning before work.  What started to happen a few weeks ago was that I'd do my main workout, tell myself I'd do Ab Ripper the next morning, then not do it.  Instead of getting Ab Ripper in three times a week, I got to the point I was doing it only once.

Then it happened last week, I went the entire week with no Ab Ripper.  

Let me say clearly, I'M NOT PROUD OF THIS!

Yesterday I didn't let myself come up with any excuses.  I let the DVD roll and went straight into Ab Ripper like the old days.

What I need from some of you that are reading is to check in with me.  I need some help in the accountability area.  Send me a facebook message or IM asking if I've been keeping up with it.  I need that accountability check to help keep me in line.

Other than that, things have been going well.  

Thanks for reading folks!

Keep pushing play (and not hitting stop early.)



  1. I can hear you on this issue. For me, it is mostly a problem with Legs & Back. By the time Ab Ripper rolls around, my legs are shot and Fifer scissors are about the last thing I want to see. So, I push Ab Ripper back a day and get it done after Kenpo. Thus far, I have always got it in, but it is a slippery slope.

    So, I too will try to make sure that I am not hitting stop early.

  2. Okay, you asked for it! It's coming your way.

  3. Tisk, better let that DVD roll. I've never even heard of people seperating ab ripper x from other workouts. Wierdo. You ab ripper skipper.

  4. Can I still verbally abuse you AFTER you get your act together on the Ab Ripper?

  5. hahaa! you know I'm just joking with you Jon..:)