Thursday, December 4, 2008

75 Days complete! Progress is still coming

Hey everyone. Its been a busy one around here. I don't begin to think that this blog is some huge deal or anything. However, it was a cool feeling yesterday to actually break 50 unique visitors in one day. I know I'm not about to give Matt Drudge at the DrudgeReport any worries, but its good to know that people are out there reading and a few are getting motivated by seeing that another out of shape guy is actually able to change his habits and in turn his overall health and fitness.

Yesterday was Legs and Back. It was a lot of fun. I have been having some knee problems and actually went out and bought a Jumpers Knee Strap similar to the one linked here. After talking to Brad Eickman, he suggested that I may be getting some tendinitis in my knee and that a strap like this has helped him out. I have to say this did alleviate my pain during the workout and I felt good throughout. I'm not sure when/where I hurt my knee in the first place. I just noticed it in pain during Kenpo a couple weeks ago.

In yesterday's workout I did 62 unassisted pull-ups. That's a huge improvement for me. I know upon reflection that I probably wasn't going down all the way on these. I'll work on that, but the improvement is still there.

Today is some more Kenpo, then Stretching on Friday. Saturday will be Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and the start of Week 12, the final week before the final recovery week. (Confusing, I know.)

Remember everyone: "Hope is not an action plan."

Keep Bringing it!