Monday, December 1, 2008

More results

I haven't had time to write a lot over the past week.  Well, that's a lie.  I had plenty of time to write, but instead chose to spend time with family and have a great Thanksgiving.  This is essentially a follow up to my previous post; Ignore the Scale.

Here is a quick synopsis of where I'm at.

To recap, on Day 0, I was 215 lbs and 25% body fat.  That meant I was 161.25 lbs of lean mass, and  53.75 lbs of good ol' American fat.

Now, on day 73 I weighed in at 197.0 lbs and my body fat reading is at 17%.  That means I am now 33.5 lbs fat and 163.5 lbs muscle mass.

This is such a great feeling.  I love the results I'm getting.  In fact, I probably look at the mirror a bit too much, but at least I love what I see.  

Some other results.

When I started out, I essentially had 2 pairs of jeans I could wear.  Both size 34s.  Now those jeans are way too loose.  In fact, even my old 32s that I grew out of are now starting to sag a bit from being too loose.  My nice brown belt is way past fitting.  I could easily put in a notch 2 inches tighter than the last notch and still be fine. I need to go belt shopping but I'm a bit cheap right now.  

I have 2 and a half weeks left until I finish my 90 days.  I'm thrilled with the results so far.  

My plan after the end of the 90 days is to repeat phase 3 of the program.  Those 4 weeks of varied workouts would take me right up to the day we leave for our cruise to the Caribbean.

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