Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Form beats Great Quantity (Day 83)

This post will be a short one. Yesterday was another round of Legs and Back. I'm starting to like this workout a lot. As my balance improves the leg exercises are getting simpler. And as my strength improves I'm really able to bring it on the pull-ups.

Yesterday I focused on form throughout the workout. I wanted to make sure very pull-up I completed was impeccable. I imagined that there were people critiquing my form and scoring me. If I didn't go all the way down, the rep didn't count.

Well, I was able to average 7.4 pull ups per set. (59 total) This was a good number for me. On one set I hung on the bar at full extension for at least a second or two between most reps. My arms were dead but I could take a breather and pull myself through one more time.

Tony Horton says on the video, focus on quality over quantity during legs and back. This was the first time I honestly took his advice.

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  1. Having Dreya in this workout also helps. Pity she is not in more of the workouts.