Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Best part of being a Beachbody Coach!

As some of you know, Monica and I have become Beachbody coaches. Some of you probably have no clue what being a coach entails. I wasn't so sure what it meant when I started P90X and even when I started coaching.

In a nutshell, Beachbody coaches are there to help people pick a fitness plan that works for them, and provide the motivation to help people succeed. Sure, its a way to make some extra money (and some people a lot more than some extra cash!)

However, the best reward of coaching is when your friends and family start a program, rely on you for some motivation, and end up succeeding. I have to say I'm so proud of two guys in particular, Dan and Nick who both have had great success with P90X. They took the bull by the horns and kicked some serious butt at the program.

Another thing about coaching that motivates me is that it gives me one more level of assurance to keep pushing myself. How can I possibly represent fitness and Beachbody if I'm not out there working my tail off during my workouts? Being a coach helps me stay motivated. The financial rewards are starting to materialize and that makes it even better.

Keep pushing play, and keep bringing it! And if you're interested in learning more about the Beachbody coaching opportunity, email me and let me know.

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