Friday, April 3, 2009

Diet vs Exercise

This video is a great visual illustration of how making mistakes or cheating on your diet can affect your results. A lot of people think, "I work out, I can afford to eat some fries, or drink a double whip white chocolate mocha."

Think about what you're doing. I know I'm not the perfect example of this. I've been struggling a lot with this lately. I'm not gaining any weight/fat. However my frequent straying from my diet has stalled my results.

Check out this video. Why I don't agree with the sentiment that Cardio isn't important. Its critical for your overall health. However, why do all the work if you're going to waste all your back breaking hard work and effort with your diet.


  1. This was awesome - thank you! I always do one or the other ... I need to get my act together and do both (proper nutrition AND workouts!)

  2. Wow...that video was great! I usually don't sit to watch videos...but for some reason this one caught my interest and I was glad to have watched it. That is a PROFOUND truth there--and the reason SO MANY PEOPLE struggle with having their "Dream Bodies"...even people who work out all the time (ME!) I love that last statement..."You Can't Outtrain your diet. No matter how hard you work, you won't get results if this is how you get your nutrition." SOOOO TRUE!!
    (although I am surprised that he only burned 45 calories in that length of time at that pace! UGH!)

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