Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks for the motivation

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to a few of you out there that responded by email to my last blog post. You guys know who you are.

So yes, I'll admit it. I've been eating at McDonalds. Its soooo close to my office. I'm in the office about 1-2 days a week. However, its so easy to slip in to the Micky D's when I get hungry. I need to get back into the habit of packing my lunch. This new office I've been in the past couple months has made it a bit harder to eat healthy during the day.

When I started P90X I was actually working out in the Detroit Michigan area and my work had me set up in an apartment that literally was a 2 minute drive from the office. Getting a healthy lunch was no issue since I'd simply just go "home" for lunch and make myself something quick and healthy.

Now, my office is a 70-80 minute drive one way in and I have to leave at 6:30 in the morning to make it in by 8AM. At least I only have to do this one day a week. However, this commute and situation has given me every excuse I want to not pack a lunch and eat healthy. I also was self-rationalizing that "its only 1 day a week."

So, thanks to those of you that gave me the nice verbal beat down I needed to squash my excuses. I brought my lunch with me today. No excuses baby!




  1. Box or two of Protein Bars at the office & a bag of nuts... no more excuses. I do not know if I mean that in a gentle way. Bring IT

  2. Hey John,
    I've been struggling with my diet too but for different reasons than you... i just LOVE ice cream! We have less than a carton left at home and after that... no more in the house! Anyway, it seems like you know what the problem is so you can fix it. Like Jay said, protein bars, nuts, even pack some fruits or veggies you can handle raw. Yes once a day is not bad... but do you want McDonalds as much as you want healthy body?

  3. Thanks Jay...its so simple. I'm going to put a case of Protein bars and some raw almonds in my desk drawer. I also figure a few cans of healthy choice soup couldn't hurt. They won't spoil and will always be there for a quick bite to eat.

    Thanks guys. Oh, and Annie, toss out the ice cream!!!