Monday, April 6, 2009

My first week with ChaLEAN Extreme

So, I'm starting to get into the second week of ChaLEAN Extreme.

Let me just say I love this program. Now, as I've said and I will continue to say, I'm a huge P90X fan. But, I sure needed a change of pace to get my mind back in the game. ChaLEAN Extreme has fit the bill.

Let me start off by saying that a lot of guys will probably look at ChaLEAN Extreme, see the cute blond on the cover and think, "This isn't for me, this is for chicks." While the target audience of ChaLEAN extreme is obviously women, the workouts will get your blood flowing and muscles pumping no matter what side you take in the "seat up vs seat down" debate.

As some of my more longtime readers will know, I love the Core Synergistics workout of P90X. What I like so much about Core Synergistics is that the moves always work more than just one body part at a time. That is the philosophy of ChaLEAN Extreme. Every move in the workouts is a synergistic move. You're rarely if ever just working one body part. For example, you'll do a squat with a bicep curl, or a lunge with a deltoid lift etc. These exercise get you working hard and quickly at that.

Another good thing about ChaLEAN is that for some of you that have been working with P90X for one or two rounds may be getting a bit burned out at the time commitment required. P90X requires at least an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes a day. ChaLEAN workouts are considerably shorter. So this could be a great maintenance workout for P90X grads out there.

Take care folks, keep bringing it.


  1. Thank you for this review, and your comment on my blog! I'm definitely leaning towards ChaLEAN first, followed by P90X. I look forward to following your progress with ChaLEAN!

  2. Wow...that is JUST the kind of review I was looking for. I am on day 86 of my 2nd round of P90X and you described everything I do and don't like about the program. I've had amazing results and it'll probably always be my "#1" but this ChaLEAN Extreme program sounds like it's RIGHT up my alley! I also LOVE the core work I'm doing it extra lots this week for my last week. It's probably my favorite work out. Plus...thinking of having shorter workouts sounds FABULOUS! I do my at-home working out ON TOP OF my workouts at the gym I go it's hard to fit in another hour and fifteen minutes a lot of times. Anyway...thanks for the review! Good luck with it!

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  4. As you mentioned John, ChaLEAN Extreme is no walk in the park! I think it's actually every bit as good as P90X, it just hasn't enjoyed the level of exposure yet that P90X has had...

    Keep bringing it!