Saturday, April 11, 2009

Seeing Progress Again!

This will be just a quick post from my phone this morning. I've been
trying to not be so forthcoming on this blog on how I have been
stalled in my progress for the last 6 weeks, give or take. The lack of
internal motivation and not seeing measuresble results was the
catalyst for me to stop P90X in the middle of the round and start
ChaLEAN Extreme.

I'm happy to report this morning that I've shown the first real
progress in my fat loss in a while. I haven't seen the scale below
195 since getting back from our cruise in January. I broke through the
193 barrier this morning.

Keep pushing play,


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  1. Congrats on the move on the scale!

    How's CLX working out for you? On my last phase of the program then I move to P90X. What didn't you like about p90x?


  2. Annie- there is absolutely nothing I can fault in P90X. The program is awesome and helped me take my fitness to an entire new level. My only issue is that after doing P90X for six months, I got a little bored. I felt like a kid who has watched the same Disney movie fifty times. I just needed a break from Tony and the kids. In fact, my wife and I will work in some of the P90 X cardio workouts into the schedule of ChaLEAN.

  3. yup, that's why I decided on getting CLX and P90X so I can rotate them. And with Shaun T's Insanity coming out this summer... I think I'll have a nice 9-month rotation. Hopefully that will keep things different.


  4. Congrats on the scale finally giving you a break. There's a lot of mornings I'd like to give MY scale a BREAK!! GRRR.... I've been trying to get to 130 from 133 since JANUARY! I've dipped all the way to 131 just to go right back to 133 the next day. Frusterating!
    Anyway, I don't think you should ever shy away from being "forthcoming" on your blog. Just because you are a coach doesn't require you to be perfect. As a matter of's discouraging to us "regular folk" when we see our coaches seeming to do a perfectly flawless job of eating and exercise and we feel like we're failing. Admitting to frustrations and flubs occasionally is not admitting to failure--and it actually encourages people like me that even though we're not all Tony Horton..we can still be the best that WE can be! Keep up the good work!