Tuesday, November 18, 2008

60 Days In

Hey everyone, today is Day 60. When I get back to my apartment here in Novi, MI and complete Yoga X, I'll have completed 60 Days of P90X (Anyone realize that P90X is actually 91 Days?

Yesterday I did Shoulders and Arms. First time with this workout since week 3. I still think it's my favorite lifting workout in the program. I definitely felt the burn yesterday. I also did OK at Ab Ripper X.

Well, its a short post today. I'll leave you guys with 2 things.

1. This picture is probably offensive to some. Its a 60 Day Sobriety chip for Crystal Meth Addicts.

2. I am now over 1000 hits on this blog. That's probably not a ton, but its good. Every day more and more people are stopping by to read. Thanks for your support.

********* UPDATE************

Here are my 60 Day Results (Actually, Day 58, but close enough)


  1. I am so proud of you. I am at day 9 with envy. I cannot wait to even be at 30. Way to the progress pics already. Us newbies need all the inspiration we can get our hands on!!!

  2. Your back and abs are getting so much definition!!! That is amazing!!! Thanks for the speedy post!

  3. Hi! I was googling yoga and came across you! I just had to comment on your smile turning bigger and bigger!
    I just love yoga. Makes you feel gooood! :D