Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 50!

I don't know what the stats are of people that start P90X vs the number of people that finish it.  I'm sure there are some folks that buy the DVDs, do the first workout, and quit halfway into Plyometrics on Day 2.  The reason I bring this up is that I wanted to quit on Day 2.  I sucked at Plyo and thought I was absolutely terrible.

However, here I am, sitting on Day 50.  I'm starting the 2nd recovery week and my 60 and 90 Day photos are just around the corner.

On Wednesday during Legs and Back my right knee felt a bit of pain.  Because of this I made Thursday a rest day and pushed Kenpo X back to Friday morning.  I think this was a good decision since I'm feeling no pain now.  Kenpo went off without a hitch on Friday and I was able to do Yoga X today.  My wife Monica has started Turbo Jam this week.  Today was an off day for her, but bless her heart she did Yoga today with me.  

Thats a short post for today.  My weekend was very busy.  We took Buster, our mutt, to Petsmart this morning.  A new store opened up just down the street.  He was very excited.  He starts obedience school next Saturday.

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