Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On the road again

Hey everyone!  This post will be very very quick.  I'm driving to Colorado today with my wife and puppy.  It was a good first leg of the trip last night and we'll do the majority, about 700 miles, today.

I just want to report that traveling is no excuse to not to P90X.  I was able to get in an abbreviated Yoga X session in our cramped motel room this morning.  My dog kept putting his head under the pillow, I think he wanted to sleep longer.  

Well, off to see if I can eat somewhat healthy at the free breakfast, then we're on our way.  Next blog post will come from Colorado!


  1. "see if I can eat somewhat healthy at the free breakfast"...

    No. You can't. Not unless you are staying in "Healthy Continental Breakfast" hotel.

  2. That's true...there wasn't a single protein besides Philly Cream Cheese to be found. I had one waffle and some OJ with very little syrup. When you starting Power 90 Jeff?