Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No letting up, No Excuses.

You know what I love about P90X?  Its portable.  Here I am 1000 miles away from home.  Yesterday I did Yoga in a hotel room.  Today I was rocking legs and back from my in-laws house in Colorado.  What other workout program can you take with you like that?  I threw my PowerBlocks and my pull up bar in the car and I was set.

Today was awesome.  I started off with hitting double digits for one set of unassisted pull-ups for the first time since starting P90X.  I did 11 unassisted reverse grip chin-ups to start.  Over-all in the workout I did 57 unassisted pull-ups.  That is freaking huge for me.  I now have officially transitioned from "presently struggle" with pull ups to being "OK" at pull ups.   For the first time I actually can picture myself knocking out 20 pull ups.  I'm not there yet, but its coming.

Oh, and no, I don't normally do pull ups with a hat on backwards.  That was my solution to make sure I didn't scrape my head too hard on the ceiling.  Not much clearance.  I was actually tilting my head to the side to get my chin over the bar.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day.  I am going to just have a "cheat meal" tomorrow and not worry about it.  I actually might decide to do two workouts tomorrow, but I'm undecided.  I'll probably do Kenpo in the morning and possibly Cardio X at night, or do some Turbo Jam along with Monica.  We'll see.

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