Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Sunday Morning

Good morning everyone.  This will be a quick update as I'm getting ready to watch the Bears play today and enjoy a beautiful sunny (albeit a bit cold) day.

Yesterday was Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.  This is a great workout.  I decided to wear a heart rate monitor for the workout.  It was interesting that for the lifting workout and Ab Ripper X I burned over 700 calories.

This morning was Plyo.  I wore the Heart rate monitor again.  Almost 800 calories burned during Plyo.  My heart rate topped at 182 bpm with an average heart rate of 139 bpm.  This is great info to know.  Like I said previously, a heart rate monitor is a great tool.  (I'll give a full review of my Polar F6 after a couple weeks of use.)

This week will be interesting.  Monica and I are driving out to Colorado tomorrow.  I'll do Yoga in a Hotel on Tuesday.  We'll be at my in-laws this week and driving back on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday is my normal rest day.  However, this week I plan on skipping my rest day and moving the rest/stretch day to next Sunday when we're driving back.  It might be a bit tough getting my workouts done on the road, but I've come too far to slack off this week.

I also have to give a public recognition out to my lovely wife Monica.  She has completed 3 weeks of Turbo Jam and she's loving it.  I'm very proud of her commitment.  Great job babe!!

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