Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thank You Chalene

From Monica:

Well, I am three weeks into ChaLEAN Extreme (CEx). The first thing I want to share is what keeps me doing it every day. It's all her...Chalene.

Okay, so I am doing my workout to a DVD. I can choose to start it or I can choose to ignore it and plop down on the couch. What keeps me doing it is this idea in my head that I have an appointment with my trainer and I have to be there everyday ready to do my best. If I come home and imagine that my trainer is waiting for me (at my own house no less!), then I am more likely to do it. I am not a girl who would stand someone up!

With that said, I also have John who has his trainer waiting on him too. Now we can't let two people down! When John mentioned something tonight about doing our workouts later, I decided against it. First, I would rather get it done, have my recovery drink and make dinner than put it off as the last thing of the night. We all know how hard it is to peel ourselves off of the couch after having dinner and watching a show or two. Second, Chalene is upstairs waiting for me and I am not going to make her wait. She even says that there is nobody else who wants me to get in shape more than her and I believe her. Look what she's done for me so far!

The second thing I want to share is what the Burn Circuit piece of this workout is all about (the first 30 days). In summary, it is mostly heavy weightlifting. Chalene alternates between upper body and lower body during these workouts. She advises to use lighter weights on upper body and heavier weights on the lower body. I have used anything from 3 pounds to 18 so far, depending on the muscle group. Another thing she does to keep the lifting interesting is that she keeps you moving. For instance, you might do a lunge, lift a row, dip down and then stand up only to go down to another lunge. For the most part these "Burn Circuits" are intense, heavy lifting workouts.

The other days include first, a Burn Interval and Ab Burner day and second, a Burn It Off and Recharge day. Burn Intervals take the same lifting done on the other days, but Chalene has you use one light weight the entire time. Then she makes you work just as hard by increasing the reps. The Ab Burner only lasts about ten minutes, so it works you hard, but keeps the workout from lasting too long. Chalene pushes hard on the Burn It Off day again combining weights and cardio. Afterward, however, the Recharge (or Yoga) is awesome and totally brings you down from the intense workout before it. You also get 2 rest days a week, but I choose to do Turbo Jam on one of my rest days...because it is so much fun!

I'll keep the information coming, but for now I just want to give you a taste of the workout I am doing...and let you know why I am having such a great time doing it.


  1. That is awesome. You look just incredible. I am currently doing P90X and your positive attitude has me wanting to try Charlene!!! I am super proud of you. John is an amazing coach and motivator. I am thankful for both of you!!!

  2. know I probably never would have ventured away from P90X if I hadn't just read that wonderful "review" of yours. Now I'm intrigued and interested! I love your "my-trainer-is-waiting-for-me" attitude! And you are SO RIGHT about putting off the workout till later in the evening. GOOD chances are it just ain't gonna happen. Anyway, you do look fabulous and if Chalene is giving you that kind of body and results...sign me up!! :o)

  3. I am so excited that you both enjoyed the post. I hope to bring you more information to get you interested in CEx. Maybe we will eventually switch and I will do P90X. I started out thinking that the weightlifting thing was nuts, but P90X doesn't seem so crazy anymore!

  4. Isn't if funny how we have to play "mind games" with ourselves to stay dedicated to something? We find something that works and we keep doing it! Sometimes all I need to motivate me is knowing how much money we spent on all this stuff to get in shape! I'm so frugal, there's NO WAY I want to feel like I just wasted my money... ha ha! Anyway, loved the review on CEx and it's for sure something I'll look into doing after P90X. Thanks!