Monday, February 23, 2009

What about the "Real World?"

From John:

P90X is an amazing program to get you looking fantastic. But what about the real world? Does it transfer into real world strength and flexibility? What I mean by that question is that we all know P90X can make you look fantastic, but does the program help you in your daily life? Does it make you stronger on a functional level.

I have to say the answer to that question is a resounding "YES!!!"

This winter, despite Al Gore's objections, has been a pretty rough one here in the Midwest. We've had lots of snow, lots of cold and I can't wait for it to go away. To get back on point, that snow has resulted in me having to shovel our driveway on a frequent basis.

Last winter I was doing absolutely nothing for myself physically. I wasn't exercising on any level. My only real physical exertion was going out to shovel the drive way. The process sucked. I'd huff and puff my way down the drive way. Soon after I was done, I'd come inside, my clothes wet from perspiration, and my back and core muscles would be very sore. I'd be forced to pop a few Advil a couple hours later to ease the pain in my back.

This year has been completely different. Monica has been surprised how fast I've cleared the driveway. On Saturday she agreed to have hot coffee waiting for me when I was done. She looked out the window and was caught off guard when she hadn't started the coffee and I was already shoveling the sidewalk to my neighbors house. To top it off, when I was done, I wasn't winded, I wasn't sore.

The funny thing is that I didn't really even realize what the difference maker has been until I thought about it last night. The work I've been putting into my workouts has resulted in not only loose fitting pants, but I've become functionally stronger in every area. My flexibility is up which makes me less prone to injury, my strength is up to levels I've never been at before. All in all, this program is making me stronger in every area, and I love it.

I'm on Recovery week 1 of this round of P90X. Yesterday was one of my favorite workouts, "Core Synergistics." This workout absolutely kicked my ass the first time I tried it back in October. Now its a workout I look forward to so much because it just works the entire body from head to toe, and every exercise engages the core muscles. If I was stranded on a desert isle and forced to pick only one P90X workout to have while there, this would be it. (Plus the back of the DVD would make a good signal mirror.)

Till next time guys, keep pushing play.



  1. Wow Like you blog....I just came across it when I was searching p90x blogs...just started it two days ago love reading your workouts!

  2. How right you are!!! We went skiing last weekend and had to lift our legs over ropes and large steps and those swing kicks really paid off!!! Skied all day without being winded and was not even sore the next day in the least little bit. I so love this program!!!