Friday, September 19, 2008

D Day -1

Well, I start P90X tomorrow. I just finally need to do something about my body.

I've been in a slow decline regarding my health and fitness, especially since leaving the military in 2006.

So, tomorrow I begin p90X. It'll be tough. I'm posting a sample of before pictures here...sorry to anyone who's looking at these photos.

Here are some stats.

Height, 6'2" Weight 212.2 lbs. (I hit 215 on the scale last week, it was depressing and it was the "rock bottom" I needed to get motivated to get back into a routine. Although p90X may end up being more than a routine, it will be a certain challenge.)

So, with that height and weight my BMI is a hefty 27.2

My gut measurement is about 39.5" sucked in, 42" pushed out. Thats huge.

Chest about 43"

Biceps about 15"

Around the shoulders 51"

Now all these measurements are possibly off since I took them myself.

1 comment:

  1. John,
    Regardless of the ease of this workout vs. what you could do a few years ago, the most important part is that you got started! Way to go! I'll be interested to see your progress.

    Indep. Beach Body Coach