Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 10, Arms and Shoulders with Abs...Rocked it Out.

Hey everybody...Day 10 down. 80 Days to go!

Today was Arms and Shoulders. This was the first workout where I could really use the new Power Block dumbbells and put them through their paces. The only negative thing to say about the Power Block Dumbbells is that you have to spend a few seconds switching the plates etc. Its a minor problem. Its not even a problem. But when you're trying to keep pace with the DVD it forced me to hit the pause button a couple times.

The workout was great. I'm definitely feeling it now and I'll be sore in the morning. I even did the bonus round this time through. I was able to do 30 Side Tri-Raises a side on the last set. (In the DVD, Tony Horton says if you do more than 25, he'll come to your house. So I guess I need to put out the good china.

Ab Ripper X was a good time today. I'm still not keeping pace with the studs in the disc, but I'm getting better every time through.

Tomorrow brings I'll get up for that.

Still Bringing It!


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