Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 8, Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X...Brought It!

Well, Got up this morning and after shaking out the cobwebs for a half hour, I hit up Chest and Back X right away. I was able to finally get a pull-up bar. Now that I have Power Blocks and my portable pull-up bar, I can take my gym with me back and forth as I travel. (Long story, but I live in Illinois, but work during the week in the Michigan area. Its a temporary thing...) I can throw the pull up bar and the Power Blocks in my car and that leaves very little room for excuses.

So, started right away with the push-ups and pull-ups in Chest and Back. The workout went great. I presently struggle with pull-ups, so I had to use a chair to help me get in some decent reps. This workout kills me. By the second time through to the "Dive Bomber" push ups I'm thrashed. My reps drop off in the 2nd circuit. However, I also noticed the guys on the tape have their reps drop considerably as well. (And is the girl in the Chest and Back DVD not hilariously cute? ..."German Potato Soup." LOL)

So, I'll definitely improve. Soon I'll look like the guy pictured above, assuming I get adequate air brushing.

Ab Ripper X...what more can I say. I presently struggle with most of the core exercises on this disc...but I'm noticing improvement. Thanks to Brad for the heads up to ditch the shoes. It helps a bit.

More to follow...Plyo tomorrow! Bringing It!

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  1. Good luck with it, man. I have done it on and off since '05. It's a good program.