Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 7: X Stretch

Day 7 Down everyone.  X Stretch was a nice little breather, although it wasn't easy.  Some of these stretches hurt.  I can also see why P90X shouldn't be sold to the prison community, but that's another story.  I've never been flexible, so this emphasis on stretching is good for me.

I got home today and hopped on the scale.   I probably shouldn't do that yet, but I liked the results considering I'm normally heavier in the afternoon and evening.

I got a pull up bar today.  Its a door mounted pull up bar.  We'll see how it works out.   I have a feeling my workouts are going to get a lot harder.

Chest and back tomorrow, but I'm 25% of the way through phase one.

Bring It!


  1. Okay...that picture si just wrong in so many ways...:)

    I'm looking forward to hearing how chest and back goes WITH a pull up bar. Thats a whole different animal there.!

    Good luck!

  2. Yes...I'll do my best to keep "bringing it" in terms of odd photos.

    Pull Up bar...yes, it made a significant difference.