Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 4...YogaX

Yoga Video 2 - Watch more free videos

Ok...before today, I thought all Yoga was like the video above.

My Yoga experience was nothing at all like this!  I felt completely and utterly out of my element doing the Yoga X DVD.

I'll work on this and keep giving it a shot.  I could only get through about 40-45 minutes of the video.  But, for not running or jumping etc, I was sweating so damn much.  I was dripping wet.  So, I see the potential benefits with strength and flexibility.  But, I feel its definitely not a beginners yoga program.

My diet today has been good.  I have been cutting way back on caffeine.  One thing I realized is that I need to ditch all caffeine.  I've been holding on to one a day, and now I get headaches right after drinking my one Diet Mt. Dew or Diet Pepsi.  So, I'm definitely cleaning out the body and giving it a good cleanse from the inside out.

So, 4 days in, loving the P90X program thus far.


  1. man you had me with your intro.
    Id be super stretch after working with those ladies.

    Anyway, Yoga takes time and a lot of strength. I hated my first day of yoga. A lot of yawning and times just I didnt want to get off the mat. But as time passed youll like yoga cause you'll be able to keep up with them. Think about the muscle growth you'll get from stretching.
    Like Tony would say "rome wasn't build in one day, so is your body"

    Itll come dude

  2. As one of my buddies said. "rewind, rewind, rewind...ahhh....great workout!"