Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 9...Go Ahead and Jump!

Well, I've successfuly completed 10% of P90X. Today was Plyometrics. Last Sunday, when I first tried Plyo, I barely completed half of the 55 minute DVD. So, 81 days to go, but I'm loving it.

Plyo last week kicked my butt. I felt like I had to puke 25 minutes into the workout last week. This morning I was able to push through the whole workout and could have gone a few more minutes. I loved it today. It was hurt...I was sweating. Yet the workout was fantastic.

My diet has been really good, I've been avoiding carbs successfully. Yet I probably need to review the nutrition guide to make sure I'm spot on. As Brad told me, "Great Abs are built in the kitchen." While my diet has been good, and I'm already suspecting some good results, I know I could be doing better with my diet.

More to follow tomorrow. I drive out to Michigan in the morning then I'll do Shoulders and Arms with my new Power Blocks in the afternoon.

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  1. Hey John, way to go my friend! Plyo is a bear but as you've found out, it's a lot of fun! Remember, double-time the Jump Knee Tucks! :)