Friday, October 24, 2008

36 Days in! Going Strong

Past 3 days have gone very well. Wednesday afternoon I did legs and back. This workout is hit-or miss for me now. I struggle with the first exercise, balance lunges. I know my form is terrible, but so is my balance. I'm usually tumbling at some point in the exercise. I need to just ignore that aspect and keep going. I can't let my frustrations with this one move ruin the rest of my workout.

Ab Ripper after Legs and Back is always a killer. If you work your legs hard, they are so fatigued by the time you get to Ab Ripper that the ab exercises become a struggle. However, I'm still improving in some area every time I do Ab Ripper X. I'll have it almost down by 90 days.

Yesterday was Kenpo X. This workout is always pretty easy for me. My kicks aren't as high and as pretty as I like, but I always do well at this workout and it is fun. However, this is one of those workouts I wouldn't want to be doing if anyone was watching. However I do look forward to the day I can rebuff the attack of an assailant with a vicous SWORD! HAMMER!

Today is Rest/Stretch X day. Depending on how early I get back to IL I might rest, or I may Stretch.

Remember, Hope is not an action plan!


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