Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lucky Day 13...Kenpo X and Injury

So, got up early this morning feeling great. I threw in the Kenpo X DVD, pushed play and got right into the workout. Everything was going OK...I even had some of the moves down (feeling slightly less white.)

About 15 minutes into the workout, I landed on my right ankle and just rolled it. I fell like a rag doll. It hurt bad folks. Pain shot up my right leg and thoughts of failure flashed through my head. I then remembered the words of my Jr. High Basketball coach who would make anyone that rolled an ankle walk slowly around the gym for 5 minutes. So, I walked around my apartment for a few minutes...I let the DVD play on. After a couple minutes the blood was flowing back in my ankle and I could move again. I was able to complete the rest of the workout just fine. I had to be a bit careful, but it worked out well.

Right now in the Kenpo X, I'm doing OK, but not fantastic. My kicks leave a lot to be desired. But I'm doing my best and forgetting the rest. Tomorrow is a stretch day, then its back to Chest and Back on Saturday for my last week before the recovery week.

I asked Brad Eickman (find his blog here) to check in on me over the next couple weeks. My history in the past usually has me going hard on a program for 3 weeks or so then having something like an injury or vacation etc getting in the way of my workout. I'll miss one workout, then its so easy to miss the second and so on.

So, I'm asking my two or three readers to check in on me. If for some reason you see that I haven't posted in a day or two, send me an email.

Well, that's it for today...loving the program and I'm starting to see results.

Keep Pushing Play!



  1. Hey, I just added your blog to my bookmarks. I'll be sure to check in on you as well. I just started Oct 1st, and am blogging about it at Keep on BRINGING IT man!


  2. I just rolled my ankle on Friday- BAD. I was playing in a soccer game, as I do every Thur & Fri. Went up for a header, got hit from behind, & came down on my left ankle hard. It's really swollen still. I don't want to stop the workouts especially seeing as tonight will be day 29. I got through Yoga & Stretch on Sat & Sun, but my ankle swelled up a ton after finishing them. What did you do to make it through?

  3. Well, to be frank, my ankle never got very swollen. It hurt, but never looked all that bad. I'l make sure to get some Ice on it, elevate it, and rest. Think of P90X as a long term goal, not just a 90 day program. If you have to pause a week and do some stretching, alternate workouts etc to get through this injury, that's not a bad thing.