Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kenpo X...Day 20, that's 2/9ths complete.

So, Essentially I've completed the first 3 weeks of P90X. I've been loving the program so far and I'm starting to notice some results. Clothes are baggier, belts are a bit looser etc. I haven't been home in almost 10 days and I'll be interested to see what the results on the scale are. (I know...I shouldn't focus on the scale since I'm building muscle while losing fat, but its a reference.)

Kenpo today was good. I am a bit better with some of the moves. I didn't roll my ankle today either. I'm actually considering going for a short 2 mile run after work. My wife and I signed up to run a 10K at the end of October (Her company is a major sponsor of the run and wants to field a team of 30 runners). I decided to start P90X after signing up. But I haven't been running or training for the 10K at all. I'm not too worried about the run. I'll likely substitute the 10K for the Plyo that would normally fall on the Sunday. (Who knows, the day of I might decide to do both.) My plan for the 10K run is to run/walk it. I'll run 5 minutes, walk a minute and so on. I'm not in the race for a time.

Anyway, I plan to run a few miles every couple days in the next two weeks to get my legs prepped for the day so I don't face injury. I'd be pissed if I go and get hurt in a stupid 10K run and it slows my progress in P90X. I don't think it could affect my P90X results at all as long as I stay injury free.

Well, that's it kids. 20 Days Down.

Keep Pushing Play...



  1. Good plan! You definitely want to run a bit before just jumping into a 10K. Awesome that you're already seeing changes in how your clothes are fitting!

  2. Wow, a 10K. That is an awesome goal! You are truly motivational. Thanks for Bring It everyday.