Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 12...Progress Baby...Progress

So, I have to say I'm damn proud of myself.  12 Days of workouts in a row.  A Dozen.  

I'm 28, haven't worked out with any intensity for an extended period of time since college and I just worked out 12 Days in a row.  Now, I realize I'm just getting started, I still have 78 Days to go.  In the meantime though, I'm ecstatic I have made it this far.

Today was Legs and Back followed up by Ab Ripper X.  Legs was tough.  Some of the moves require a balance I just don't have yet.  I pushed through the moves the best I could.  Pull-Ups are still something I currently struggle with.  Back when I wasn't so fat, I could do about 10-11 at my best.  Now, my max is probably 3-4.  So I have to do the workout with a chair assist to get through 12-15 reps a set.

Now, the big plus for me today was Ab Ripper X.  I did OK through most of the moves.  Fifer Scissors and Pulse Ups are still moves I really struggle with.  I got as many in as I could at my own pace.  The big plus for me today was the Mason Twists at the end.  On day 1 I got about 9 in before I fell out.  Today I got to 30 with the DVD before I needed a break.  That's some big improvement.

More to follow tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to Kenpo X.  That was a nice workout last week...I'm going to do it in the morning before work.

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