Thursday, October 30, 2008

40 Days and Nights

Hey everyone. These posts will probably start to get boring. I don't know, but having done most of the workouts now multiple times, there's not a lot more I can say about them all.

I did Yoga on Tuesday. Its still a tough workout for me to get excited about. Every week I don't want to do it. However, when I'm done with Yoga I'm always glad I did it. Its an interesting dynamic. This week I noticed some definite improvement. I'm starting to anticipate all the moves and I'm ahead of Tony sometimes.

A side note about the Yoga and X Stretch routines. My flexibility is shooting through the roof. I've always been very inflexible. I'm starting to notice that I'm getting a further reach on some of the stretches, getting my hands to touch my toes or the floor in some stretches where I previously was no where close. Its a good feeling.

Yesterday was Legs and Back. This was a day of some definite improvements. I pushed through the Wall Squat without breaking. (Single leg wall squats are getting closer) These are huge for me. In college at the Air Force Academy, we'd have to do wall squats (There it was called "the Mother"). I sucked at them. I was always the first to pop out of position. For me to just breathe my way through 90 seconds is huge.

I also noticed some good improvements in pull-ups. On every set besides the switch grips I was able to knock out a few reps without a chair and then add the chair in. This is the first pull up workout where I was able to do that. This muscle confusion stuff really works.

So, 40 days down. 44.4% of P90X is complete!

Thanks to all of you who check in on me...I appreciate it.

Remember: Hope is not an action plan! Bring It!

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