Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 17 Folks...How huge is that?

Today was shoulders and arms. I got home from work, and went straight into the workout. I love this workout. I think its one I can do well on and I can keep pushing myself. I upped my weight from last week on all exercises to try to keep it in that 8-10 rep range. All in all...great workout.

Ab Ripper X was tough as usual. Didn't do as well today on the Mason Twists today as I did last Saturday. I think that might have to do with being able to get an awesome night sleep last Saturday. I don't think I have as much energy after a day of work. Who knows. Biggest thing is the workouts are getting better continuously.

Sorry for the short update today.

Keep Bringing It!
I'm hoping to put together a Day 90 Transformation movie. In the meantime, I'm practicing a little bit with some computer video editing software. So, I've been working on some videos and taking a few with my digital camera as I work out . This isn't really the best video in the world, but its just some practice cutting scenes and entering titles and effects etc. Please don't mock it too badly. Also, by getting some video of myself, its letting me realize my form leaves a bit to be desired.



  1. Hey John, those look like single are full supination curls, good work. Try to turn your wrist early in the move, at the very bottom before getting past your hip your wrist should be turned fully.

    Won't be long and you'll be using 50s for that move. :)

  2. Thanks Brad...I see what you mean. I tried it the way you mentioned for a few reps over lunch and yeah, I see how that works the bicep much better.