Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 38: 3 Days of the X to wrap up.

Well, lets start off with a highlight of the last 3 days.  I nailed 60 Jump Knee Tucks in the second round of JKTs in Plyo.

Here's a video:

The goal in this challenge is to do as many as possible.  Obviously, when trying for quantity, you can't get your knees up that high.  But man does this get the heart pumping.

Lets do my 3 day review.

Day 36:  Couldn't believe this was day 1 of week 6.  I have a history of ditching workout plans around week 3-4.  Getting to week 6 is huge for me.  This workout went well.  I started to up weight and go for 8 reps as my goal.  If that meant a rep out of my comfort zone on an be it.  Workout went great.  

Day 37: Plyo. I love Plyo.  Its right up my alley.  I sweat and breathe like a maniac, but I love this workout.  I must be wrong in the head.

Day 38:  Back and Biceps.  Today was great.  Last week I complained about how bad my pull-ups are.  Well, I took Tony's advice to "do my best and forget the rest."  I'm just working as hard as I can right now and I'm going to let the results come to me.  I'm not going to worry about the number of pull-ups I do or don't do.  My goal when I started this was to build strength and drop fat.  My goal was never to do 25 pull ups at a time.  Now, that could eventually happen, but I'm not measuring my success on that standard.

Well, Yoga X tomorrow and I'll be over half-way done with week 6.  I'm looking forward to Kenpo this week because I picked up some weighted gloves to make that workout more intense.

Remember:  Hope is not an action plan!


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