Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 14...Folding Down the Stretch. To the X-treme.

Its a tough day to be a Cubs fan folks. Staying up to watch last nights collapse was absolutely brutal. Remember, the Dodgers record during the regular season would have earned them 5th place in the NL central.

The cubs played like little leaguers out there. I am hoping for a miracle, too bad I don't believe in miracles. I give the Cubs a 12.6% chance of winning this series. (Its science...don't ask too many questions.)

Now, as far as the P90X is concerned. I have been real happy so far. My diet has been clean. If anything I'm probably not eating enough right now. Its hard to get enough calories when you're only eating foods that are good for you and avoiding carbs.

I did the X Stretch today. Well, I was running a bit late and only did the first half of the DVD. My mind is in another place with these stinking Cubs right now. I don't feel too bad since its a rest day regardless. I may go back and do the 2nd half later tonight.

Take care...have a good weekend. My wife is flying into Detroit to see the Bears take on the Lions in Ford Field. Should be fun but I'll have to work extra hard to make sure I don't find any excuses to miss workouts.

Keep Pushing Play!


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  1. Hey John, really sorry to hear and worse SEE those Cubs last night. WTF is that? This the post season, they folded like s cheap WalMart lawn chair.

    I'm calling you tomorrow if I don't see a post from you about your workout and don't even think about not taking my call and or sending it to voice mail. Bring It!