Sunday, October 12, 2008

Days 21, 22, & 23

Hey everybody...been a few days since I have posted here. I've been enjoying the beautiful weather we've had lately and spent some time with the family. I haven't missed my workouts, just a few posts.

So, lets start out with day 21. It was Stretch X or rest day. Don't sue me, but I decided to rest. Mainly I saw Yoga on the schedule for the next day and decided that I didn't 'need' the stretch day.

Day 22- Yoga X. This was fun. Monica joined me in the Yoga class. Monica has taken beginners Yoga classes before and said something to the effect of, "That's not the freaking Yoga I did." She was a trooper and tried her best. I did OK this week. I'm getting a lot better at the flow and knowing what is coming next always helps. I was thinking back to a few weeks ago when I could barely go through some of the motions. Now my strength has improved and I'm able to get the push ups between moves that Tony calls out. I'm still only doing the first 55 minutes of the DVD, but I'll start to add in the balance postures in the next few weeks.

We spent the day at my parents house. Now my folks eat terribly. They do weight watchers off and on, but truth be told, they have a terrible diet. In fact my Dad's recent health problems have been a motivator for me to get in shape and change my lifestyle. I feel that when I look at my dad, I can see my future if I don't get my physical fitness levels in check. But, that's beside the point. The main point is that you can eat healthy when away from your house. I was polite but assertive and instead of having greasy burgers for dinner, I asked if my mom had any fish or chicken in the freezer. Sure enough she had a bag of frozen tilapia fillets and we were able to make a nice little alternative dinner for Monica and me.

Day 23- Core Synergistics. What a tough but fun workout. I felt lost at times in this workout, but caught on quickly. the Plank/Chautaranga run made me want to laugh. My living room is a bit too small for some of the moves where you're rolling all around the floor (I also realized that my dog sheds a heck of a lot while on the floor.) The workout kicked my butt. The Dreya Roll move was a killer. I couldn't stand up. I'll get there.

So, here's the update of the day as well. I'm officially under 205 lbs. I weighed in today at 204 lbs. So, less than a month ago I was almost at 216 lbs. My diet has been great. I've really stuck with it. Its not been perfect, but I'd give it a solid A.

So, I'm going to keep Bringing It during this recover week. Next Sunday I'll be posting my 30 day photos.

Keep it up everyone!



  1. Way to go John! So ask yourself if you think this is a "recovery week". :) NOT!

    One thing you could do with your folks is to make them one of your dinners, show them that it's really not that hard to eat healthy, and in fact it's darn tasty too!

    Great job! Your day 30 pics should be cool.

  2. Excellent update!
    I am impressed by your progress. A bit confused at first. I had to look at the schedule for Classic; this was your first 'Core Synergistics'. Don't worry, soon you will be doing the Dreya Roll with a spin. Love the Prison Cell Push-ups! (that's a lie.)