Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 18...Almost my frist stumble

**** Update...just realized I'm 20% through P90X****

Yoga...let me set the record straight. I'm not yet a big fan of Yoga X. I find it a bit boring, slow, and I feel totally out of my element.

I got home from work yesterday with the intent of starting Yoga right away. I instead saw my comfy couch and curled up. Yup...I was blowing off my workout. But, I couldn't do it. 30 minutes later I woke up...bitched and moaned a bit to myself but I put in the DVD.

After a few minutes into the disc I decided to give the workout my entire effort. I really started to focus on all the moves and try my best. I'm certainly no super star. I'm just hoping to get to the level of not making a fool of myself.

The important message of the day is that I did it. I pushed play, did the workout, and tried my best. I noticed significant improvement in some areas from the first Yoga workout a couple weeks ago. Knowing what to expect is a big help, but I'm also thinking I'm having some significant strength improvements that are helping out as well.

Thanks to Brad for helping to kick my ass in to gear. I'm looking forward to Legs and Back this afternoon, then it's Kenpo tomorrow morning.

Keep Pushing play...


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  1. Way to go, 20%! Woo-hoo~
    That post was a nail bitter. I thought for a moment you were not going to workout. Thanks for the scare.