Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 15...I'm going to miss Chest and Back

Today is day 15 folks.  1/6 of the way through P90X and I'm already noticing great changes in my body, energy levels and strength.

I was able to increase my reps and weight on all exercises across the board today.  Sometimes I did the same reps as last week, but I know my form was much better today.  So, I'm starting to certainly see some strength improvements. (And I'm officially down a notch on my belt)

One of the big improvements has been my performance in Ab Ripper X.  Today I got to 48 on the Mason Twists before my legs fell out of the air and I crashed.  I was 2 away from finishing with the folks on the DVD. 

As a side note, Monica flew out to Novi, MI to visit me and go with me to the Bears game tomorrow.  She went for a run on a treadmill and came back to the apartment while I was halfway through Ab Ripper.  Kudos to her for trying to follow along with the rest of the workout.  If it wasn't for her being in the room, I probably would have cashed my chips in earlier on the Mason Twists but she brought out the macho side and I had to work as hard as I could.  

So need to come to my house.  I Pushed Play Today!

Keep on Bringing It.



  1. Nothing like have a woman in the room to get the old "show-off" mode going. Nice work!

  2. Keep it up!
    Congratulations on the notch in the belt.