Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 30 Baby...Bringing It and loving the results.

Hey folks. Here's the deal. 31 Days ago I took all my photos and results.

I started at 215.3 lbs on my bathroom scale. Today I actually was at 200.4 lbs on the same scale (but that was after Plyo, weight before Plyo was 203.0 this morning) So I'll say I've dropped about 12 lbs in 30 days. That's freaking awesome.

My strength levels have certainly improved. I'm picking up more weight every week when I come back to the same routines.

Today in Plyometrics I was able to get 59 Jump Knee Tucks on the 2nd round on Plyo. And I even double timed the Mary Katherines with Tony and Dom...yes Brad. I'm coming after your 66. I would have broke 60 today but my dog Buster was very curious about what I was doing and jumped along with me during the last 3-4 seconds and I stopped a bit early to avoid breaking my puppies leg.

Thanks for all your support. Brad, Malena and everyone else that takes the time to post and give me support. Especially my wife Monica.

60 More days to go...Bringing it.

Hope is not an action Plan...



  1. Wow, John!!! That is AMAZING! You are really bringing it and you can see those changes in only 30 days!! Your abs and waist are looking tighter, back and arms are really starting to show off that hard work! Just wait til 60 days from now...

  2. Great work John, definate reduction of the midsection, keep up the hard work brother you're 1/3 the way through this simple program!