Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Days 31-32, Back and Biceps, Yoga X...and a new goal.

Hey everyone. I'll begin to talk about my first experience with the P90X workout "Back and Biceps."

This workout kicked my ass. As I said on day 1, I presently struggle with pull-ups. Even in college when I weighed 180 lbs I wasn't that great at pull-ups. Back then I could do about 10 on a good day. If I had a 25 lb weight vest on back then I'd probably only be able to do 2-3. That's where I am about now. I'm using a chair to give me an assist, but I don't feel a great improvement in the pull-up area yet.

Another thing in this workout is the fact that you do curls FOREVER. The workout is one of the shortest in terms of duration, but it has you doing curls for what seems like eternity. My biceps are feeling it even 2 days later.

Yeserday, Day 32, was interesting.

I got home from work early. I was dead tired and wanted to do anything but Yoga. I watched a show on my tivo, got on facebook. Anything to avoid Yoga. I finally got my butt off the couch about an hour later and cranked out my Yoga. The One thing I did different was I had all but one light in the other room on, along with the light from the TV. I don't know if this made a huge difference, but my focus was a lot better.

I noticed that my mind was clear throughout and I felt a lot of improvement. I still struggle with Warrior 3, but its coming along.

Also, I've got one new goal for my P90X Mission. Monica and I are going to go on a cruise in January. It will be a 7 night cruise in the Eastern Caribbean on NCL's Norwegian Dawn. I hope to be in amazing shape and avoid wearing a shirt at all opportunities!

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  1. John, if you stick with it you'll be shedded by January.

    Back and Biceps is a mother of a workout, long arms, long frame makes for a long PULL! Your goal should be to do 10 Corn Cobs just like Katie!